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About us

Business area of Pelixar spans over unmanned aerial systems and drones in particular. he company deals mostly with manufacturing of drone systems and our own components as well as custom-made solutions made to meet specific requirements of a client. Our customers include industry, companies and institutions both in Poland and abroad.

The key areas to which we provide our solutions include:
  • search and rescue operations of people missing or drowning
  • area measurements and detection of threats
  • protection of properties and monitoring infrastructure of strategic value
  • technical supervision of critical infrastructure
  • industrial inspections
  • supporting the areas above with AI based systems

The company's headquarters is located in Pomeranian Science and Technology Park, a place with an entrepreneurial spirit which is great for real cooperation among firms and technical facilities making it a perfect place for development.

The company's strength lays in a constant development, research projects and investments in innovation. Pelixar and its team take its pride in cooperation and participation in many renowned R&D projects. The result of these engagements can be seen in our continuous improvement in the area of UAS.

Pelixar S.A. comprises of a team with complimentary competences who have gained their experience by previously founding or developing companies from the drone industry such as: Grupa aiRPAS, PWC-PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cervi Robotics, Servo Code, droGEOn.
The unique set of competences and experiences of the team in combination with a deep insight into the most current technological solutions gives us an unlimited potential for building a strong position on the dynamically developing drone market.

A few examples of the founders' previous experiences in the industry are:
  • conducting the introductory process of UASs in many countries around the world
  • participation in multiple research and development projects
  • co-creating Polish drone regulations as experts advising the Civil Aviation Authority(ULC)
  • creating search and rescue procedures
  • organizing conferences for the drone industry
  • practical experience in test and experimental flights for other drone manufacturers


Pelixar S.A. is a unique set of highly competent people who gathered to lead the drone industry. The values they represent are:

  • long lasting experience in the drone business
  • understanding the needs and relations inside the drone industry
  • creating unique solutions at a global level
  • being up-to-date with what is going on within the industry as a result of frequent participation in seminars, fairs and conferences
  • possibility to look far ahead thanks to co-creation of the regulations of the unmanned aviation
  • deep insight and understanding of the currently used technological solutions
  • international engagement due to introductions of drone systems abroad
  • constant pursuit of improvements by conducting R&D projects
  • great amount of experience in test flights of multiple types of drones
Marcin Swystun
Co-founder, Chairman of the Management Board and General Director
Experience in management: Led a company for many years and was managing a considerably sized team, was managing big TV productions for Polish and foreign networks.

Additional experience: Work at RedBull, MTV, Commercial Union, TV Rotterdam

Technical experience: Pro tester of EasyStab equipment, technical consultant of Slidekamera, constructor of film equipment, expert for Sony Professional.

Experience in UAVs: Building a few of the first HD helicam drones in Poland, technical consultant on the project of aiRPAS Rescue drone (a project that was co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development by 1.2 million PLN), technical consultant for the 3-SAT IKAR and Pelixar LMA drones.

UAVO (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator) qualifications: VLOS / BVLOS in MR category, type TOM over 25kg.

Other experiences: Speaker at Sony Professional conferences, Smart Cities (Germany), CEDD, COP24 Climate Summit. An expert in online video marketing. TV producer. Poland's runner-up in freestyle bike riding on ramp. Director of Photography in BIG BROTHER - ENDEMOL SHINE - TVN.
Sebastian Nowicki
Co-founder , Member of the Management Board and Chief Operating Officer
Experience in management: Management positions, managing companies as a co-founder, managing teams of professionals, recruitment and training of the key personnel.

Additional experience: Work at: Tomas Sport, OP1, Slidecamera, RPAS Custom Machines, Airborn, aiRPAS Group.

Technical experience: Technical consultant for Rollerblade and Salomon equipment. Pro tester of sports equipment brands: Atomic, Salomon, Rollerblade. Designer and technical consultant of Slidekamera film equipment. Expert for Panasonic Polska professional products. Consultant and pro tester of EasyStab gimbals for gyro stabilization of cameras.

Experience in UAVs: Construction of the first drone drones in Poland for the OP1 Helicam Team. Pro drone tester RCConcept, DJI, aiRPAS. drones. Drone constructor for aiRPAS Machines. Participant of the R&D project of aiRPAS Rescue (project of a rescue drone). Technical consultant for: R&D projects such as the DNV-GL inspection drone system, radar for drone detection - APS Radar, drone for stratospheric measurements 3-SAT IKAR, anti-smog drone Pelixar LMA, AI based drone with autonomous navigation Drogeon AI Geo. Expert advising on the new drone regulations.

UAVO qualifications: Instructor, pilot for test flights, certified examiner in both VLOS and BVLOS in categories: MR and A, type TOM over 25kg.

Other experiences: Speaker at conferences and fairs. Conducting trainings for examiners of the Civil Aviation Authority (ULC). Training next drone operators for professional qualifications. Specialist in technical shots in: advertising videos, feature films and productions for TV networks around the world.
Mariusz Pułas
Co-founder, Member of the Management Board and Director of the Technology Department
Experience in management: Managing firms as a co-founder. Leading a team of technical specialists. Recruitment for specialist jobs.

Additional experience: Inspector at Citibank. Work in Ministry of Interior and Administration, Universal Robots, Airborn, aiRPAS Group.

Experience in UAVs: Building film and training drones. Pro tester of DJI products. Servicing and building drones for the Air Force Institute of Technology. Constructor and drone designer at aiRPAS and other companies. Member of a team working on the aiRPAS Rescue drone project. Technical advisor on the DNV-GL inspection drone system, APS Radar radar detection system, floating drone for creating Hydrodron numeric maps, IKAR 3-SAT stratospheric drone, Pelixar LMA anti-smog drone, AI based autonomous drone Navigation Drogeon AI Geo. Advisor on aviation law.s

UAVO qualifications: Instructor, pilot for test flights, certified examiner in both VLOS and BVLOS in categories: MR and A, type TOM over 25kg.

Other experiences: Speaker at international conferences. Training next drone operators for professional qualifications. Training for professional drone instructors and examinators. Test flights on every type of drone.
dr inż. Paweł Burdziakowski
Co-founder and Director of Research and Development
Experience in management: Human resources management and equipment management in R&D projects. 20 years of service in the Polish Army including mission abroad.

Additional experience: PhD degree in Technical Sciences (PhD thesis on the method of determining the trajectory of an autonomous unmanned platform). Assistant professor at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Gdańsk University of Technology. Scientific research in the field of navigation of autonomous platforms, photogrammetry and remote sensing.

Technical experience: Experience in the constructing and operating advanced military equipment. Expert in the field of communication and management systems (15 years of experience). IT systems management. Engineer of navigation.

Unmanned vehicles experience: Use of unmanned underwater vehicles (ROV) with combat experience. Constructor of drones at Drogeon and Marine Technology. Head of the validation and testing during project Hydrodron (a floating platform designed for hydrographic measurements on reservoirs with limited access. Technical consultant on 3-SAT IKAR, Pelixar LMA drones. Own research project called Drogeon Ai GEO studying the navigation and flight control of a drone by artificial intelligence in an environment without satellite navigation.

Aviation qualifications: VLOS / BVLOS in category MR and A, type TOM> 25kg. Licensed pilot in category F3F - slope gliders.

Other experiences: Academic lecturer and scientist. Over 14 peer-reviewed scientific publications in the field of photogrammetry with the use of UAV and drone navigation. Co-author of international publications on drones. Highest level senior member of the IEEE organization (The world's largest technical professional organization for the advancement of technology) in the sections: Computer Society, Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society, Robotics and Automation Society. Participation as a speaker at international conferences: SGEM 2016/2017/2018 (The International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConferences SGEM), BGC 2017/2018 (Baltic Geodetic Congres), COO 2018 (Coastal Offshore and Ocean Engineering Conference), and conference on space technologies IRMAST 2015 (International Conference on Innovative Research and Maritime Applications of Space Technology).
Adam Wiśniewski
Co-founder responsible for support and foreign relations
Experience in management: Director in the Business Consulting Department at PwC Polska (PricewaterhouseCoopers).

Additional experience: Main international expert in the field of unmanned systems. Author of the drone market analyzes and forecasts. Advisor on issues concerning implementation of digital solutions for businesses and technical patents.

Experience in UAVs: Many years of experience in the unmanned aviation sector. Multiple implementations of UAV systems and R&D projects concerning drones.

UAVO qualifications: VLOS and BVLOS in category MR and A, type TOM over 25kg.
Vadym Melnyk
Co-founder responsible for technical support and software
CEO and founder of: Cervi Robotics which deals with prototyping and production of robots, drones and unmanned aerial systems.
Servo Code which is the largest software house in Eastern Europe creating applications for robots and unmanned systems.

He has many years of experience in building of advanced drones.

He was managing and participating in R&D projects such as: Dronhub - a system of autonomous compact hangars for drones created with the European Space Agency enabling precise start and landing in the hangar with possible charging or replacement of batteries for any industrial drones.
Airvein - a system for automatic transport of medical samples with drones.
Xerall - tankkopter, the world's first driving-flying-floating drone in the form of a toy with the prospect of development towards a manned vehicle.

Together with Microsoft, he created the Unicorn Division project, an initiative that connects influencers from the startup environment from major Polish cities and supports the most innovative startups in the country.

Winner of prestigious IT competitions and government awards, winner of the FLEX competition (Future Leaders Exchange, an exchange program offered by the US Department of State for students of junior high and high schools). Finalist of the international FLEX robot competition.


What drives our company forward are the R&D projects. We conduct them because of our own needs and in cooperation with other firms. They enable us to constantly create advantages over the solutions of our competitors. As a result of these efforts we were able to design and implement in a short period of time the four following drone systems:
1. Pelixar LMA drone
  -  Aerial Atmosphere Monitoring
Its development was made in cooperation with institutions such as: CEDD (Central European Drone Demonstrator) founded by the Ministry of Infrastructure and European Union and task-oriented DronLab 'Środowisko', Gdańsk University of Technology and specialists company Andy.

Customers of this drone include: refineries, chemical factories, liquid gas bottling plants and government services.

The drone has four applications, depending on the applied measuring sensor it is used for:
  • targeting sources of emission caused by burning of prohibited materials
  • performing a fully automated multipoint flight which allows a precise measurement of the smog cloud's size and position (a system introduced for the first time in the world by Pelixar S.A.)
  • periodical monitoring of atmospheres' composition focusing on dangerous and flammable substances (the first such solution in the world)
  • technical inspections in search for gas leaks

Results of the measurements are sent from the drone to the control station on the ground in the real time.
They can be visualized in form of cloud of points showing the distribution of pollution and his allows to predict further consequences of such occurrence.

Taking into account that the problem of smog is becoming increasingly publicized (there has been first won cases in courts in the matter of lack of clean air) our solution is necessary for every local government willing to understand and fight the problem of smog. Analyzing movement and condensation of the cloud they can target their actions to prevent more of the problem for example by financing changes of heating boilers and installation of solar panels.

We are working on a fully automated process from takeoff, taking measures, landing, loading till visualization of the results. They will show the distribution of pollution and dangerous substances in real time via a custom made app. Control over these functions can be carried out from a security room or technical supervision station.
2. Pelixar LSI drone
  -  Aerial System for Measurements and Inspections
Development of the LSI system is carried out in cooperation with entities such as: Marine Technology i Drogeon. It is based on our previous experiences in building a drone system through a R&D project for the international certification company DNV-GL.

Purchasers of this solution include companies involved in measurements, diagnostics, inspections and technical supervision.

Depending on the measuring device the drone can be used for:
  • supervision of industrial and critical infrastructure
  • technical supervision of buildings and technical infrastructure
  • 3D mapping in form of three dimensional scans of buildings or infrastructure
  • taking precise numerical measures of terrain
  • measuring sheet metal thickness on bulk vessels, tankers, container ships

The system allow a faster pace of conducting these tasks, money saving for the technical inspectors, quick supervision even in the hardly accessible places, significant savings for the client because of reducing downtime.
3. Pelixar SAR drone
  -  Search And Rescue
Development of the system was conducted in cooperation with entities such as: Polish SAR Service, WOPR (Voluntary Water Rescue Emergency Service) from Sopot, Medyk Rescue Team and companies: Servo Code (software), LiveU (transmission of high quality live view without distance limitation).

Purchasers of this solution include lifeguard units and offshore industry.

This drone has five different applications and depending on the choice of additional equipment it can be used for:
  • search operations for missing people both at land and sea
  • apply life-saving equipment in form of for example rescue can or help line
  • tow the person in danger to a safe place by dint of help line
  • assistance during rescue operations on the ice in form of instant and direct application of life-saving instruments
  • very quick delivery of AED to the person in need e.g. wide beach

The system allows a faster targeting of person in danger, cutting the time of rescuers reaction, access to areas which are difficult to reach, improving the safety of rescuers and a conducting life saving actions.

We are currently developing the system with automated mission flights following a precise search scheme. The drone's goal will be to analyze the image from infrared camera automatically and stopping over a potential danger source. It will inform the operator who will then decide on further actions. We had just had an application for a grant from the National Center for Research and Development submitted by the leading Polish investment advisor Grantera sp. z.o.o.
4. R&D Project HAMAV called '3-SAT IKAR'
  -  High Altitude Micro Air Vehicle
  -  we are technical and organizational partner
In this R&D project we build a hybrid system consisting of a stratospheric balloon and an unmanned airplane. It allows sending samples for measurements and bacteria in the stratosphere using the stratospheric balloon and their immediate return to the indicated place by means of a remotely controlled airplane.

This solution, can revolutionize stratospheric measurements for several reasons. The development of this project are underway, the first flight at the altitude of 11,5 kilometers was successful and the next one is schedule for May. The project was qualified for the finals of two international science contests.

This is a breakthrough solution for the quality and efficiency of stratospheric measurements. Today, the research material is being dropped and its later found by means of GPS tracking. Unfortunately, samples often land in hardly accessible terrain, in the water or on a tree, often in a deep forest. Many times the research material waits to be found in the heat what causes its scientific value to drop. It also happens that the container with samples is found but is still not accessible.

Problem and solution

Unique Selling Proposition

In today's economy most of the new mechanisms and solutions were and still are introduced as a result of their evolution. The biggest of the revolutionary changes were the result of birth and development of the automotive industry, the Internet, GSM network and satellite communication. Today a new revolution takes place, a one which cannot be held back. It is robotisation of many industry branches. Just a while ago, there has been a new addition to the robotic servants of humanity - drones. It did not happen unnoticed. Right now we can observe an evolution or rather beginning of an evolution in this matter. Pelixar S.A. is one of the very few companies in the world which introduce innovative solutions into the existing conventional industries using unmanned aerial vehicles.

Drone solutions solve almost entirely the following challenges:
  • safety of people in hard-to-reach areas or terrain
  • efficiency and time of carrying out demanding tasks
  • reducing costs of service crews and technical inspectors
  • precise measurements especially in hardly accessible places

Above all, unmanned aerial systems designed for specific task allow solving problems which were thought of as unsolvable. Fighting air pollution, monitoring and control of hardly accessible areas, remote lifeguarding on the sea or glaciers, safe technical inspections are just a few of examples.
Pelixar S.A. is most of all a team of people creating cutting edge technologies which are a response to the market needs.

Company's offer is based on comprehensive approach to a client's needs and introductory process consisting of:
  • production and sale of complete unmanned aerial systems (UAS) based on highly advanced components
  • production of the system's components
  • integration with existing systems or infrastructure
  • service and modernization of the drone system
  • establishing operational procedures for the system
  • conducting tailor-made professional and vocational trainings

The company conducts also research and development studies for its own or commercial use and participate in international science programs. We are always happy to support with our solid knowledge on the drone matters students societies' projects and undertakings.

Pelixar's products are always created with the current needs of the industry and the individual requirements of the client in mind. Every solution we sell is precisely examined and tested to meet the highest technical requirements and provide a unique functionality and reliability. During the manufacturing process we use construction materials that were thoroughly analyzed and high quality electric and electronic components. The elements of the construction undergo hours-long and scrupulous testing in the air. Our technical ethics is the reason why we always aim for the safest, most durable and economical solutions.

We supply complete solutions for the industry, companies and institutions. Our key areas include: search and rescue (SAR), measurements and flaw detection, security and monitoring, technical supervision and inspections of critical infrastructure.

Our unique selling proposition (USP) was precisely described in the Competitors analysis part.

As one of the few we offer a comprehensive attitude to selling our products. As a result our clients have a wide variety of services and additional benefits to choose from:
  • purchase of a tailor-made Unmanned Aerial System
  • implementation of the system
  • integration of the system with the existing infrastructure
  • quick and complete repairs on warranty or post-warranty
  • all-inclusive training on how to operate the drone or system
  • establishment of the operational procedures for the most efficient use of the drone or system
  • conducting tailor-made professional and vocational trainings

Some of the offered products are examples of solutions that no one has ever built before. Practically each and every of our products has a competitive advantage over available drones due to its functionality or wider range of potential applications. Our solutions have a modular design which enables an easy service and constant readiness for improvements by modifying the purchased device by newest technological solutions.

Competitors analysis

The market is currently polarized. The first of two categories are producers of the mass solutions characterized by a low or medium level of specializations. It is represented by: DJI and Yuneec. The second is the producers of custom-made solutions, that is, unit production, just like we are today. There is, however, also the middle characterized by medium-volume production of specialized and highly specialized products and solutions. Since the beginning company we have been aiming for this middle area.. There are already a few pretenders for the title of 'leader of the middle' but the area is still open, and our goal is to take a strong piece of this segment.

Our advantage over the contestants results directly from the unique functionalities of our products.
However, this is not all that we offer to our clients and as a part of USP (Unique Selling Proposition) we offer our clients the following system solutions:
RTW (Ready to Work) - is the level of product readiness to be used immediately after purchase. The product or system does not require a series of adjustments and updates before the first use. Each drone we offer is subjected to a multiple flight test during which we study the drone's behavior as well as the precision of the on-board systems and functioning of the equipment.
RTF (Ready to Fly), a solution popular among our rivals requires updating and often to some extent self-assembly. These drones do not undergo test flights and their customer often end up learning about some flaws during the first flights, often with an unfortunate result.
ETM (Easy to Modify) - allows customers to constantly modify purchased products. For this purpose, functional onboard devices (cameras, scanners, sensors) are offered together with a suitable universal mounting. It is also possible to replace engines, speed controllers, flight computers and transmission systems with the latest available on the market.
Solutions used by other firms are usually built from unique components and electronics compressed on integrated motherboards. It means that it is difficult to change the elements for newer versions, replace them with counterparts from other manufacturers.
ETS (Easy to Service) - we built our products having in mind that some repairs may be necessary. This is why we design them to be simple and easy to service. The customer has always a choice between returning the equipment to our service or decide to self-repair using the components we recommend. We currently use the best available elements and components on the market, such as flight computers, engines, regulators and propellers. They are also available all over the world.
For customers with basic manual skills, and thus capable of independent repairs, we plan to create tutorials showing how to change basic components in the drones we offer. Similarly for a distributor in any country, the issue of repairs, service or complaints will not be a problem.
The compactness of the available drones limits the possibility of service by the local dealer, let alone the customer. The sales policy prevents modifications of purchased devices, replacement of components with other market versions and often difficult access to spare and operating parts.
HDC (Heavy Durable Components) - our structures and mounts are very durable, you do not have to handle them gently. They withstand heavy loads and have a long service life. They withstand harsh working conditions and even relatively brutal handling.
The structures made by the competitors are usually monoblocks, while electronics in most cases is combined into one main board. This does not help the mechanical strength of the equipment as well as the resistance to wearing of the structural components, and our competitors have repeatedly experienced problems (e.g. breaking fasteners of engines in DJI Inspire 2).
The above-mentioned approach is of enormous importance for the customers. They value being constantly ready to work especially when production or service downtimes are very expensive. This approach is impossible for large-scale producers. We observe that market and customer awareness is gradually increasing, customers are becoming more and more demanding towards UAV products, more often reach for specialized and custom-made solutions, which is a very positive trend for us.
An additional advantage of smaller companies like ours is the ability to react quickly to the constantly appearing market novelties in components and immediate implementation of such solutions directly to their products. For example, if a new supercomputer arrives on the market, thermal imaging camera, spatial 3D laser scanner or super-efficient batteries, we are able to offer them in their products or upgrade within 1-3 months, whereas it takes usually 6 -18 months for the biggest manufacturers. That is why having an experienced R&D team we are able to continuously maintain a competitive advantage in the implementation of the latest technologies and functionalities.

Comparing to the automotive industry again, we are like Caterpillar whose machines are resistant to damages and the eventual service is carried out on the spot. They are not sent to the manufacturer for the service. It gives big savings in downtime, service and repair costs. That's what our clients appreciate the most.

In addition, more of competitive advantages are:
  • trainings online and at our office
  • remote service and at our workshop
  • hard use durable equipment
  • modular design of drones
  • easy modernization of elements
  • the ability to adjust the product to customer requirements
  • the possibility of immediate use of any new components
  • agility- ability to react quickly to the technological changes

Market analysis

Our analysis

Poland is one of the leaders in this new industry. We have the third place in the world in terms of the number of issued drone qualifications. Polish legislation is one of the most developed and open for the needs of the market or drone operators.

It is Poland which as of this year is the first country to allow both close and far flights called BVLOS - beyond the line of sight operations. A system for automated control of drone traffic over urban areas is already in preparation. DTM - Drone Traffic Management tool called U-Space is based on a widely used app Drone Radar. We are ranked 6th in the number of manufactured advanced drone technologies, highly developed drone sytems and drone components.
Recently there has been founded an institution for demonstration of unmanned aerial technologies called CEDD (Central European Drone Demonstrator). It is a place for a legislative consultancy, pilot projects and testing of the ultramodern solutions.

Additionaly, Poland is one the very few countries to appoint a government representative in the field of unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Positive engagement of institutions such as ULC - the Civil Aviation Authority and PAŻP - Polish Air Navigation Services Agency which launched their UAS branches is also very helpful to the industry.
Creating wonderful environment for growth in the best time possible determined Poland's strong position in the drone industry worldwide.
Whereas, Pelixar is in the very heart of the events as a result of our:
  • cooperation with CEDD
  • cooperation with ULC, PAŻP and Drone Radar app creators
  • advising as experts during creation of the Polish drone regulations
  • establishment of multiple partnerships and syndicates with companies such as: APS - Advanced Protection Systems, Cervi Robotics, Servo Code, 3-SAT, Andy, Drogeon, Aeromind, Biomm, 3D Service, Marine technology
The number of potential customers is growing, customer awareness is on the increase, a demand for advanced drone solutions is growing rapidly, the maximum market potential for the next 10 years seems to be very large but the future growth rate is difficult to estimate.

Currently, drone manufacturers offer three types of available solutions:
  • mass products
  • semi-professional products
  • custom customized solutions

In the consumer industry, DJI is currently the undisputed leader, producing solutions for the masses. However, with its production focused on high volumes it cannot build medium-size batch solutions which creates a good niche for Pelixar's products.

Our place on the market of UAVs can be compared to automotive industry: we are building highly advanced components and solutions which are laid at the top of the existing drones as a platform which is similar to the situation of manufacturers of the specialist vehicles. They also tune existing vehicles and put on additional equipment to adapt the car for the specific purpose. We, on the other hand, produce our own flying platforms which allows us to create even more customized specialist products and we have an advantage over the competition which mostly offers units based on the ready-made platforms such as DJI Matrice. There are many types of specialist extensions in the automotive industry.
This is what our location in the market of flying drones looks like. Along with the rapid technical progress, the market of specialist services is also rapidly growing, this causes a further increase in the demand for necessary equipment for advanced drones. From this point of view, the future of the specialized drone market seems to be safe and unlimited.

Remember that drones are not just flying devices, they are also specialized vehicles and boats. We also have experience in this matter and we believe it will come in handy in the future.

As for the market for components for unmanned systems, its potential is huge and mostly unexploited. We already have our first components in our offer and this is our second planned expansion path, the so called 'second pillar of the company'.
Thanks to the introduction of specialist drone solutions to the market, there appear more and more valuable and measurable benefits such as:
  • money saving for the technical inspectors
  • faster pace of conducting these tasks
  • quick supervision even in the hardly accessible places
  • significant savings for the client because of reducing downtime especially for the industry and critical infrastructure
  • inspections that do not put lives of the inspectors at risk
  • less environmental damage
  • more precise and less invasive monitoring of the natural environment
  • increased public security
  • better crop control
  • more thorough analysis of dangerous situations in the work of firemen and border guards
  • supporting Emergency Services with precise information enabling making the right decision

Objective data

The development of the unmanned aircraft market in the world is very dynamic and can become one of the most important segments of the global, European and national economy.

The size of the global and European drone market according to the forecasts of the White Paper of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles by the Polish Institute of Economics and the Ministry of Infrastructure will amount to 55.8 million units of drones on the global market in years 2017 - 2026, while the global market's worth for civil drones in 2017 - 2026 is estimated at 73.5 billion dollars.

It is estimated that among civil drones, the largest growth in a decade will be seen in commercial applications - an increase from USD 0.79 billion in 2018 to over USD 6.5 billion in 2026.
The European civilian drones market is expected to reach USD 3.45 billion by 2026. In total, in the decade 2017-2026 it is almost USD 21 billion. According to SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research), in 2050, there will be 7.4 million drones flying over Europe, of which over 50,000 will be unmanned aerial vehicles used by public services, such as the police or fire brigades. Such a fleet will allow a quick targeting of people in danger and reaction of civil protection.
CHART 1. Estimated value of the European drone market by segment, 2017-2026 (billion USD)
Public administration Commercial Consumer
CHART 2. Development forecast for the European civilian drones market 2017-2026
Number of drones (million) Value (million USD)
CHART 3. Estimated value of the global drone market by segment, 2017-2026 (billion USD)
Public administration Commercial Consumer
CHART 4. Development forecast for the global civilian drones market 2017-2026
Number of drones (million) Value (million USD)
  Source: own elaboration based on Teal Group Corporation data (2017)

Our achievements

Competitions and awards

As Pelixar we take particular pride in winning these contests:
  • 23.03.2019 1st place in EUCYS 2019 (EU Contest for Young Scientists) in partnership with 3-SAT with HAMAV system project (High Altitude Micro Air Vehicle) called 'Ikar'
  • 27.03.2019 winning the title of Young Company of the Year 2019 in Pomorskie Sztormy contest with the jury including mayor of Pomeranian Region addressing us as "the biggest hope of the Pomeranian business"


We are a new company but comprising of people with great amount of industry experience and as a result we almost instantly became a trustworthy and recognizable brand. It results in:
  • frequent articles and materials throughout different media and TV stations
  • frequent invitations and nominations in contest
  • invitations to drone conferences and seminars concerning unmanned aerial vehicles to speak on the matter as experts

Conferences to which Pelixar S.A. was invited

14.12.2018 - COP24 Conference within CEDD during the last day of the Climate Summit in Katowice
The theme of conference was using drones in the fight against air pollution in urban areas. We presented our view on the development of air measuring methodology which we developed in cooperation with Gdańsk University of Technology and Elbląg City Council. We also showed our Pelixar LMA system for creating numerical maps of smog and predictions of further pollution as well as data which we collected during the monitoring flight, depicted in the form of spatial numerical maps of air pollution. We recommend further development of our product as part of CEDD.
22.01.2019 - International conference IFAC at the Gdańsk University of Technology
One of the most prestigious R&D scientific conferences on the subject of AI (artificial intelligence) with the application in robotics and unmanned aerial vehicles. We participated there as a partner of the 3-Sat Ikar scientific project (a drone for stratospheric flights) and as a co-author of the scientific study which was presented at the conference.
5.02.2019 - International conference concerning the Third Technological Revolution (rev3) in Lille, France
We raised the topic of the aerial air monitoring of the atmosphere (Pelixar LMA), a technology developed and implemented by Pelixar S.A. Smog is a problem not only Poland is facing but the international community as well. We heard from many interested in the introduction of the solution in France.
5.02.2019 - Press conference at the Ministry of Infrastructure during which there was presented the White Paper on the unmanned aviation sector
The subject of the conference is "A new beginning for unmanned aircraft in Poland - new regulations and economic potential of unmanned aviation. White Paper of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles' market. " The White Paper is a study prepared by the Polish Economic Institute and the Ministry of Infrastructure, which comprehensively presents the market and sector, its achievements and development opportunities. Apart from description of the regulations and drone market in Poland one can find also the honorable mention of Pelixar S.A. for the SAR and LMA systems.
12.02.2019 - Meeting of The National Council for Road Traffic Safety within the Ministry of Infrastructure
The meeting was about a possible use of UAS to achieve the goals of the National Road Safety Program 2020-2030. There has been present representatives of the most important institutions in Poland connected with transport and traffic as well as emergency services.
We presented our proposals on the subject, i.e. analysis of traffic congestions and its distribution, prevention and analysis of road accidents, searching for the missing people and methods of so called 'Technical Dialogue' which we based on our cooperation with the Maritime Search And Rescue Service.
20.02.2019 - Seminar at the Ministry of Energy dedicated to the possible application of UAS in the energy industry
The purpose of the meeting was to support communication between the energy sector and the UAS industry. There were both representatives of institutions related to the energy and unmanned aviation sector.
We have presented current and future solutions designed for the energy industry which and the areas of possible savings thanks to the use of UAS.
9.03.2019 - Conference 'Towards consistence in Europe' in European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk
The theme of the conference was 'Towards consistence in Europe. 15 years of integration, 15 years of accelerating development of Polish cities'.
The theme of the panel was 'Goal: zero emissions. How to use European funds to improve the quality of air in cities'.
The topic of our presentation was 'Solutions to understand and fight the smog'.
13.03.2019 - Modern Manufacturing Forum. Industrytech in Warsaw
The conference's goal was to present the innovative solutions and exchange experiences. There were participants representing industry, transport, logistics sectors and suppliers of technological solutions.
The theme of our experts presentation was 'The benefits of introduction of Unmanned Aerial Systems to the modern manufacturing'.

Pelixar S.A. is a team of indsutry's experts

  • drone regulations created by ULC (the Civil Aviation Authority)
  • creating guidelines for the security requirements of UAS moving in the traffic automated by U-Space system
  • working in the 'standardization groups' in CEDD's DronLab task unit
  • creating search and rescue procedures with the use of drones

Additional profits from investment

We offer additional tangible benefits and materials for purchasers of our company's shares.

Basic (from 1 share):

  • certificate of the purchase of shares
  • invitation to the Supervisory Board for the shareholder with the most shares
  • a real influence on the development of Polish unmanned aviation and the position of Poland in the undustry


A set of 3 stickers:
'I support Polish drone industry',
'Drones are everywhere',
'The future is now'
A set of 3 magnetic stickers:
'I support Polish drone industry',
'Drones are everywhere',
'The future is now'
20% discount on UAVO qualification courses.
30% discount on a Mobile Atmosphere Monitoring sensor.

Investment goals and future

We plan to invest most of the obtained funding in manufacturing and sales. By doing so we are aiming at:

  • expanding the sales department
  • increase in production efficiency
  • launching of a mid-size batch production of the three fully functional, implemented prototypes
  • refining packaging of the sold products
  • adding new functionalities to the drones to furtherly increase the competitive advantage of the offered products
  • building an initial stock of products which is required by our trade partners offering specialized components on the international market
  • adding a drone or system configurator to the website along with accessories (unique solution in this market)
  • developing product presentations, instructions and tutorials
  • creating demo versions of the solutions in the highest configuration for demonstrations for clients or at trade fairs

Plan of the distribution of the raised funds through shares issue for the next 12 months (values rounded):

25% development of the three drone systems
15% financing the launch of a mid-size production line
15% campaigns, marketing and PR
20% operating activity
15% special-purpose reserve
10% the development of the four new components for drone systems

Other planned sources of funding

1. 10% of shares for sale through a private placement. These shares will be disposed by the two founders and are intended for a strategic investor who will bring sales via his contacts or technological know-how to the company. The first round of talks with potential investors is scheduled for April 2019. The funds are intended for:
- the start of the joint venture planned for the summer in cooperation with APS (Advanced Protection Systems) and Servo Code.
- further R&D projects awaiting realization.
* pierwszą rundę rozmowów zaplanowano na kwiecień 2019r
2. Government's subsidy for the R & D project for Pelixar's SAR drone. Details of the grant:
  • application submitted in the first quarter of 2019
  • it was filed by the leading Polish investment advisor Grantera sp. z.o.o. which has 90,91% ratio of successful applications for grants
  • 01.2020 is the beginning of the granting process
  • 12 months - duration of the granting period
  • 1,2 million PLN - Polish zlotys is the rounded net value of grant we applied for
3. Income from our organic development and sales. In less than half year, we managed to develop three new prototypes of solutions in the form of complete drone systems. They are the ones with the most potential for scaling up. For each of them we can found a reference client who has committed to support us in testing out and development. The clients with which we cooperate are:
  • Center for Crisis Management of Elbląg City Council - opted for Pelixar LMA (Aerial Atmosphere Monitoring) drone
  • Maritime University of Szczecin - Pelixar LSI (Aerial System for Measurements and Inspections) drone
  • a unit of WOPR (Voluntary Water Rescue Emergency Service) - Pelixar SAR drone
The next step we want to take is to modify these systems till the state of maximum utility of their potential so that we can start manufacturing batches of complete drones with a variety of options to choose from. An automated selling system with a drone configurator would be very practical at this stage. Steps have already been taken to solve this matter.
4. Public offering at NewConnect stock exchange. We are planning to:
  • offer 10% of the shares
  • start emission in the 1st quarter of 2022
  • present the full range of drones for the foreign markets and find distributors abroad
5. Grant for the most promising of the R&D projects under development:
  • 2nd quarter of 2020 is the application deadline
  • 1st or 2nd quarter of 2021 is the scheduled beginning of operation under the grant program

Exit strategies for investor

We plan to enter the New Connect stock index at the beginning of 2021. This will enable shareholders to sell their shares at the stock exchange for the current market valuation.
We also take into account the possibility of an early buyback of shares by the founders of the company.
At the same time, the company's shares might be sold by the shareholder without restrictions.


Frequently asked questions

Valuation of companies at an early stage of development is primarily based on the assessment of market and company's potential as well as the team's experience and competences. We are a young company, but we already have implemented prototypes of products for our clients, they are innovative solutions that have unique functionalities that give us a competitive advantage in one of the fastest growing industries.
We plan to enter the New Connect at the beginning of 2022. This will enable the sale of the acquired shares at the stock market for the current valuation. We also take into account the possibility of an earlier buyback of shares by the founders of the company.
Yes, we are planning the first dividends for 2021, but in the first two years we will encourage our shareholders to further investments in R&D projects financed with own resources and government subsidies, which will be an investment into increased competitiveness and future profits of the company and therefore, its higher valuation during the debut on the stock exchange.
We have all the necessary machinery and equipment for production of single units, so it will only cause limitation in realization of the planned R&D projects and slow down entering foreign markets. We will continue to develop organically from our current operations and revenues. Then we will consider selling 10-20% of our shares to funds based on funds from PFR (Polish Development Fund). We will carry out more R&D projects financed to a greater extent from the funds of the National Center for Research and Development or similar institutions.
Yes, the shares acquired during the issue can be resold at your own discretion and own valuation.
No, owning shares does not involve any obligations. A shareholder has the right to participate in the General Meeting of Shareholders, which is organized once a year.
Yes - so far many companies have carried out this type of action. An important piece of information is that the action is reported to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.